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Do You Ever Wake Up and Can’t Move? Here’s Why!


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Have You Ever Experienced Something Called As Sleep Paralysis?

You wake up from sleep and you just can’t move, sounds scary right. Well, if you have ever experienced this then you know what sleep paralysis is. People find it difficult to breathe and feel someone is sitting on top of their chest.

According to a study, around 7.6 percent of the population experienced this in 2011. However, it should be noted that it is not something to be worried of as it is not dangerous. It is likely caused by the interruption of the transition of different sleep stages.

In a normal sleep stage of REM (Rapid Eye Movement), the body goes into a paralyzed state called REM atonia which prevents people from reacting violently.

Basically there are three main categories of hallucinations as described by people who experienced this.

The Incubus

In this case people felt intense pressure on chest as if someone was on top making it difficult for them to breathe.

The Intruder

Here people describe to have seen a shadowy figure inside the room. Experts claim it to be a “hypervigilant state of the midbrain,” which means that the brain perceives even the slightest stimuli as a threat.

Out of body experience

In this case people feel as if they are out of their body. “You feel like you’re moving when you’re not because the area of the brain that coordinates that is overactive.” Daniel Denis, a cognitive neuroscience researcher said.

Here’s how you can stop sleep paralysis

You can stop it by avoiding sleeping on your back and the other is to focus. You can focus on something else like moving a muscle, even the smallest one on a finger. By doing this you can stop sleep paralysis.