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Foreign Models Are Forced To Change Behind Stage In China. Men Gather Round And Start Clicking Photos!


‘Curious’ Old Men Took Pictures of Foreign Models Changing Clothes in a Fashion Show in China

Many men use fashion shows to cool off their sore eyes. In this even they probably got to do a lot more than they should have.

Recently, a group of foreign models faced a problem while performing in China. At a fashion show in Binzhou, Shanzhong the models had to change their outfits in behind stage as there was no proper changing rooms arranged for them.

As usual, men saw this opportunity as part of their entertainment as local men slowly gathered around them and started taking pictures. The only private time the models had to themselves turned out to be the most rude experience they had from the fashion show.

Although makeshift tents were set up next to the stage, but were too small to fit all the models. So they took turns, and some simply stripped to their underwear outside.

Finally one of model who knew the local language ask the men to be respectful and the shocked men then went away!