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Girl who was told that her rare birthmark looks ugly chose not to remove it, and here’s why


Girl Was Bullied For “Ugly” Birthmark On Her Face. The Reason She Didn’t Get It Removed Will Inspire You

 24-year-old Mariana Mendes from Brazil was born with a birthmark that covers a large part of her face, its hard to live in society where people dub difference as ugliness and it was surely harsh as people judge mostly by one’s face.  This didn’t stop her from modeling for a stunning photo shoot recently in order to make a powerful statement about what it means to be beautiful and she clearly is stunning!

The birthmark created by a condition called congenital melanocytic nevus, covers part of her nose, her right eye, and her right cheek, is called, and it’s estimated to affect just one in every 20,000 babies. It’s caused by an increased amount of pigment beneath the skin, which makes the affected area look darker as a result.


When she was just five years old Mariana underwent laser surgery treatments in order to reduce the nevus because her mother was afraid she’d be bullied for it, but as you can see below, the stylist assistant from Juiz de Fora couldn’t be more proud of being different.

“I feel more beautiful and totally different from other people because I have a nevus,” said Mariana. “There are many people who stare and who don’t like it, but I don’t care. I have been told by a few people that it’s “ugly” or “strange”, but it doesn’t bother me. That’s just their opinion and I think it’s beautiful. A lot of people ask me about my birthmark, sometimes they think it’s makeup or a tattoo but I don’t mind and explain it to them. I’m proud of having a nevus, it’s a part of who I am and how I learn to like myself.”