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Qatar Gears Up To Facilitate Customers With 28 New Branches And 10 New Smart Lockers


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In a bid to facilitate and serve well populated areas, Qatar Post has decided to establish 28 new branches along with 10 new smart lockers in the country. It is also planning to build a new storing facility spreading around 40,000 sq metres to automate processing of mail volumes, increase efficiency and customers service.

“Digital Mailroom Solution” of Q-Post will provide document archiving and compliance management through digitisation solutions. “Digital touch points” will also be set up for customer friendly services.

Muad Daniel, Head of marketing and communications, Qatar Post, said that new branches will be set up at convenient public places. “Now we are moving from standalone branches to the locations most frequented by public so that they can conveniently avail our services,” she added. Daniel said that an overall revamp of Q-Post was underway. “From human resource department and training of staff to equipment; retail strategy to expansion of branches and infrastructure; everything is going to be modernised.”

She said that Qatar Post was also set to launch a customer friendly mobile application. “Q-Post under its digitisation policy will also install self service machines at various places including shopping malls,” she said.

It was also informed that Q-Post was providing “Mailroom Management Service” to a number of leading banks in the country.