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Vodafone Qatar Launches An Unique Service To Its Customers


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Vodafone customers can now select their own network name thanks to a new option to personalise network name which is a first of its kind in the world. Mohamed al-Sadah, Vodafone Qatar COO, said that more than QR 1bn was invested by the company in the last two years to develop network infrastructure.

He also said that the company will continue to invest in the ICT sector,  “which will play a key role in realising the Qatar National Vision 2030.”

“In our eight years in Qatar, we have brought better value, better competition, and better service to the market supported by a world-class network infrastructure that we’ve built worth QR1bn.

“Moreover, we’re providing innovative products and services supported by our award-winning customer care that is recognised for commitment to deliver an exceptional customer service,” al-Sadah said.

Commercial director Diego Camberos explained that the ‘My Network Name’ service makes Vodafone Qatar “the first operator in the world” to allow customers to select the network name of their choice, “so that each number really feels personal.”

“This innovative new feature is accessible by Vodafone Red customers and is available for free with the exclusive Red VIP plan. The network name service gives you the possibility of setting your name, initials, or word of your choice to appear as your network on your phone in place of Vodafone Qatar,” Camberos said.

The Vodafone Global Data service allows Vodafone Red customers in-plan data to be used in 20 countries where Vodafone is present. Camberos added that the MyCar service can track the exact location of the car.

“We believe this service is especially useful to track the trip of children to and from school and to locate the whereabouts of drivers,” he said.

Vodafone Red plans (Red 250, Red 350, Red Unlimited, and Red VIP) have new features, including two new services – the Vodafone Points and Directory Service 180.

“Vodafone Points rewards customers not only on their spend but on how long they have been a Vodafone customer. This is the first reward approach of its kind in Qatar. Points can be viewed on the MyVodafone app and can be used to pay bills, purchase devices, and more.
“By sending a SMS to 180, customers may retrieve the exact contact info of almost any place in Qatar. The service is available at no charge for all Vodafone customers,” Camberos added.