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Heartless Woman Brutally Kills 8 Puppies in Front of their Mother to Teach Her a Lesson


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Woman In Bengaluru Kills 8 Puppies In Front Of Their Mother And Its Depressing

Every now and then we come across stories that shows the cruel side of humans and we still call ourselves as the most disciplined living creatures. A woman from the town of Krishnanagar in India has brutally killed 8 puppies in front of their mother in a shocking incident.

Ammu, a stray dog was hanging around in the streets of the town, a woman hated the dog as there were a lot of them and wanted to teach a lesson, and what she does – mercilessly kills eight puppies right in front of Ammu.

She slammed the puppies one by one on the rocks and killed it, the sight of Ammu trying to wake her babies will tear away your hearts. The people who saw the act informed the cops who arrested the lady.

The woman claims that there were already many stray dogs and she wanted to teach a lesson by killing the puppies so that she won’t have any more. The woman can be jailed up to 5 years and there is a solid video evidence.