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This Man Is Always Hiding Because His Neighbors Call Him Aswang. His Story Will Surely Break Your Hearts!


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Lady Posts Images Of Her Cousin Suffering From Rare Disease And Seeks Help From Netizens

It is depressing to often see people judge others based on their appearance and not on their character. Antonio Reloj, a young man who lives in Dingle, Banga in Aklan who suffers from a rare skin disease is humiliated to such an extent that he hides when he sees someone coming towards him.

Unfortunately, he could not afford to consult a doctor and get it treated too. However, his cousin, Jesselyn Rebutar, decided to visit his house and spoke to him. She told that she was not scared as she is his cousin, this simple act of kindness brought tears in Antonio’s eyes. He might also lose his sight due to this disease.

She shared his images hoping that it will reach to someone who can do something about it and has asked the support of netizens to share the story as much as possible.

Let us spread this as much as we could and hope Antonio gets the treatment he needs.