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This Mother Was Too Busy Using Her Phone Which Resulted To Her Daughter Being Lost. What She Saw Afterwards Was Devastating!


Mother Just Turns Away For A Few Minutes And Then Experiences Something That She Will Never Forget Throughout Her Life

It is very important to be on our toes when we are out with young children as they can easily disappear. One lady learnt this lesson the hard way. A little girl named Ploy went to a park, the mother had a call which she had to attend and asked her child to play nearby.

However, within a few minutes the place was quiet and her daughter was nowhere to be seen and after looking out, she filed a missing complaint. Apparently, the girl was approached by a stranger with a pretty toy.

She pleaded the officers to their best to find her daughter. Later, in the day she was called to the police station to identify a few objects from a crime scene. She was explained that the missing child was found in an isolated area and unfortunately, the little girl was already dead after being sexually harassed, beaten and then burned to death.

The mother identified Ploy’s bracelet, but was in denial that the body found at the crime scene was not her child’s.

Could it really be the same child?