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Teen Age Girl Shocks Her Family By Commiting Suicide After Fighting With Her Brother


Bethany Fitton, a 13-year-old girl committed suicide by writing ‘I hate my brother’ on her arm. Apparently they had some arguments before she took this drastic step. She was found by her 18-year-old brother, Ben.

He informed police that they often fought over silly things and this time it was just a 4 on a scale of 10. She was a very popular and a happy girl. Her mother told that the previous evening she was happy and informed that they talked about how Bethany spent more time in her room, to which she answered: ‘Mum, I’m a teenager.’

The siblings had an argument because Ben had slept late and Bethany did not wake him. On the same day she wrote on her arm ‘I hate my brother’ during her class.

She met her new boyfriend after school for a walk and then took a bus to home for a tea. Bethany’s father Richard was at work and her older brother had been to a cinema with his girlfriend. Her mother Estelle said Bethany took her dinner upstairs and played music.

When Ben returned he was asked to take a basket of laundry upstairs and when he went up he found his sister hanging. He and his girlfriend immediately CPR. Though, she was rushed to the hospital, she passed away as her brain was starved of oxygen.

‘I knew she had written something [on her arm] but I was not aware of what she had written,’ Ben told police.

Neither parent was called to the inquest but Bethany’s uncle Dr Julian Wadsworth, a GP attended and said she was ‘making that difficult transition between being a child and being an adult’.

Bethany’s father said in a statement: ‘I cannot understand why Beth has done this. This is the last thing I ever expected to happen – it was out of the blue.’

Post mortem report stated that she suffered a heart attack due to hanging causing, hypoxia to the brain. She didn’t leave any suicide note behind.

Bethany said: ‘It seems to me it was a typical relationship between a 13-year-old sister and an 18-year-old brother.

‘He had slept in and she had not woken him up. He decided she should have done so and she took a view to the contrary.

‘There is simply no explanation given to why Bethany would do what she did on that day.’