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Three Major Projects On The Western And South-Western Side Is On The Verge Of Completion


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At least three major projects on the western and south-western side of Qatar is expected to be complete soon. The Rawdat Rashed road (Phase 3), the New Industrial Area interchange on the Orbital Highway and roads and roads and infrastructure developments in Bani Hajer North are the projects which are in advanced stages.

Rawdat Rashed road is a vital step towards fulfilling a safe and effective road, it consists of 14km road with three lanes on either side. Around 70% of the New Industrial Area Road interchange is complete, it is a major link of the East West Corridor project. Bani Hajer North project is left a bit more than a quarter of a work. The bridges and tunnels related works have already been completed.

Works are currently underway in about 21 of the local roads and the expected commissioning of the project is in the last quarter of this year.