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WATCH: Stunning Woman Stopped The Fight Between These Men With The Use Of Her Powerful Thighs!


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Woman In Brazil Uses Her Thighs To Stop A Street Fight Between Two Men

This women became an instant hit for what she did during a street fight outside a club called La Musique in Brazil. There was an altercation when a big shirtless guy started to argue with another man who was wearing a red shirt. Though, the red shirt guy was trying to avoid the fight, the shirtless was looking aggressive.

The two started to fight as several people tried in vain to calm down things between the two, but as soon this lady entered the scene people saw something rare, very rare. She did all she could to stop the fight, but, when it was not coming down she just went around his back and hugged him before climbing on bringing a person down to the ground. She used her powerful thighs to prevent the man from causing further damage. She then strangled the neck in Jiu-Jitsu style.

Watch the video below: