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A Conspiracy Theory Suggesting That Singer Avril Lavigne Is DEAD And Has Been Replaced By A Body-Double Storms The Internet


Apparently, Avirl Lavigne is more ‘complicated’ than you think.

The Canadian entertainer died several years ago and a body-double has been living and singing in her place, according to fans.

Of course Lavigne, 32, is not dead but that hasn’t kept theorists from analyzing her career.

The rumours began on a Brazilian fan site in 2015, when a user claiming that the pressures of stardom drove Lavigne to take her own life.

Lavigne was replaced by ‘New Avril’, an actress named Melissa Vandella hired by her management.

These fans also claim to have found a notable difference in Avril’s public image and musical style. The singer began dressing in a more feminine manner and her music took a turn from rock to a more upbeat blend of pop.

The theory also suggests evidence found in pictures of Lavigne over the years, claiming that the location of her birthmarks, tattoos and moles are inconsistent.

Well, surgery, contouring and even bad lighting can be the cause for such changes.

Lavigne has made no comment on the rumors of her death.

Lavigne is the latest in an everlasting list of celebrity death and replacement conspiracies. Prince and Beyonce have been charged with such allegations in the past.