Bored Lad

Alert for mobile radars on Qatar roads (Monday, May 15)


Minister of Interior Qatar has announced that mobile radars are placed to monitor traffic rule violators.  “Remember speed limits are a maximum, not a target” goes the tweet by Minister of Interior Qatar along with a list of areas that are being monitored.


Be extra attentive and careful while driving in the areas mentioned here: (Monday, May 15) – Arab League st, Salwa road, Dukhan-Shahaniya and Al Khor coastal – as there are mobile cameras installed on these roads.

These cameras are specialized in catching speeding drivers and also those overtaking from right side, driving without seat belts and using phone while driving.  MOI in its tweet has also invited residents to suggest for any new road that should be monitored by the mobile radars.

All these efforts have been put in with the best interest of the public in view its better to follow them.