Bored Lad

Boy In India Undergoes An Life Changing Operation Thanks To A News Agency


Mithun Chauhan from Nardihganj village in the Nawada district in Bihar was often referred to as a ‘living ghost’ as he suffered from a rare physical abnormality which covers his face and body with tumors.

A news agency, Newslions came to the rescue of this boy and made him undergo a transformation over a period of six months that costed Rs 600000. The treatment was crowdfunded through a campaign started by Newslions and supported by the Logical Indian.

An article was written which helped people to reach out to the family to offer their support. However, it was not that easy to gain the family’s trust as the reported was sent back by the mother initially. Bachia Devi, Mithun’s mother said: “No, we don’t help from anybody. People come to us, promise help and then disappear. And I don’t know you. What if you are an organ smuggler who intends to take out my boy’s kidney and sell them off?”

She finally obliged after a lot of pep talk by the elders in the village. She found it difficult to believe when she was told that the family need not pay for the treatment. Nonetheless, she decided to cooperate.

Mithun was then taken to a hospital in Patna for a biopsy and the reports suggested that the tumours were non-malignant or non- cancerous. On February 3 Mithun and his father, Ramji Chauhan, departed to Life Care Hospital in Indore for further assistance.