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Compensation Fight Of A Baby Burned In Qatar Fire, Taken To Court


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Elizabeth Soffe apartment

Irish family’s baby suffered severe burns three years ago and the family has decided to take their former landlord to court.

The Soffes had been negotiating for financial compensation for their child since her three years, but they weren’t getting anywhere.

The baby, Elizabeth is left with lifelong injuries, loss of most of her fingers, left ear and most of her hair and large part of her nose.

Father Liam Soffe said:

“We know from other cases that it takes years to go through the court. I think if Al Asmakh had properly engaged with us it could be resolved. All we want is to move on with our lives. This is a huge drain that we want to be over with,” he said.

For its part, Al Asmakh said they are still waiting to come to an “amicable settlement” with the family.

However, the representatives from the company said that the amount requested by the Soffes is about QR40 million, which was too high.

Al Asmakh’s insurance company, Oman Insurance Co., attended one of the court hearings.

Liam Soffe said that the insurance company claimed that the court could not process the family’s claim because they had not shown an original copy of their lease for their villa, and a valid insurance certificate.

Soffe said the family did not have these documents as the original lease had been destroyed in the fire, and the insurance certificate was held by Al Asmakh.

It’s not just the lack of documents but the company has written evidence that warns the Soffe family not to use their air-conditioning units before the fire.

Because of this warning, Fuad suggested this meant that the company was not to blame for the fire that followed.

However, Liam Soffe flatly denied this, saying:

“I can assure you that never happened and any suggestion it did is simply not true. Of more concern is that this indicates that Al Asmakh knew that the AC units were unsafe and did not repair them. We would be very keen to see this ‘evidence.’”

Elizabeth Soffe lives with her parents and siblings in Birmingham in the UK, close to the hospital she’s being cared by the plastic surgeons.

“When Elizabeth grows up, I just want to be able to tell her why. Maybe that it wasn’t installed properly, or the wires were installed wrongly. I want to give her an answer.”

Meanwhile, Fuad said that Al Asmakh was also keen to come to a fair settlement with the family soon.

“Let’s put ourselves in her father’s shoes,” he said. “We totally understand that he should fight for her. If I were in his shoes, I’d be the same.

Let him propose reasonable compensation, so we can reach an amicable settlement and I will assist him as soon as possible. We will not delay.”

The next court hearing is scheduled for June 12.

We hope justice is served to those who deserve it.