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Cyber Attack Doesn’t Affect Qatar Businesses: Ooredoo


Qatar’s businesses weren’t affected by the current global cyber attack according to Ooredoo. The company’s experts are presently working with the Qatari authorities and international information security leaders in order to ensure the organisation’s data remains safe.

The global cyber attack has said to have had an impact on more than 200,000 victims in 150 countries.

A ransomware virus named “WannaCry” struck on Friday with an aim to take over files on infected computers. If the virus is installed, it demands payment from users in return for releasing the locked files, without any guarantee.

Organisations around the world have been affected, including hospitals and healthcare organisations in the United Kingdom.

This virus spreads through a network worm, which enables it to move from one infected computer to all other on the same network that hasn’t received a security patch.

Ooredoo Qatar chief operating officer Yousuf Abdulla al-Kubaisi said, “Global attacks such as this weekend’s ransomware outbreak reinforce the importance of a robust IT security strategy, and demonstrate that companies need to consider every aspect within that strategy, including employee behaviour and the use of devices on their network, if they are to stay safe.”

“Ooredoo has developed the network, the portfolio of services and the experience necessary to deliver real information security, even during international incidents such as this. We are working with all our partners and customers to ensure that they receive the full benefit of our legacy as a leading IT security partner,” he added.

Ooredoo is advising customers to beware of unexpected emails, since emails are one of the main infection methods for ransomware and malware.

Ooredoo provides an MSS Patch Management service that updates computers with the latest Microsoft patches, a solution that automatically monitors email.

By subscribing to MSS, companies can access the most advanced security solutions without needing to invest in expensive hardware.

Ooredoo’s customers who are concerned about the impact of this new generation of viruses and computer malware can arrange a meeting with their account manager or call the business team on 800 8000.