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Drive To Help Citizens And Expats Contribute To Ramdan Meal Plan For The Poor Announced


As Ramadan is approaching, Charity organisations have planned for affordable packages for philanthropists, citizens and expatriates, to finance Iftar meals for poor fasting people in Qatar and abroad for the upcoming holy month.
The goal of this drive is so that all segments of the society can have an opportunity to make their contribution to this noble cause according to their capability, officials from charity organisations told the press.
The charities operating in the country — notably Sheikh Thani bin Abdullah Foundation for Humanitarian Services (RAF), Qatar Charity and Eid Charity, have launched a massive drive to collect donations for Iftar projects.
They are also trying to approach the donors through local media and social media platforms and have also introduced mobile SMS payment system to make it easy for donors. The contribution ranges between QR10 to QR30 per Iftar meal depending on the living cost of the beneficiary country.
“We are preparing to announce a massive Ramadan project including Iftar meals and other programmes inside the country and abroad, an official of RAF told The Peninsula. “Currently, we are waging a drive to collect donations for Iftar meals for the poor fasting people of African countries,” the RAF official added.
One of the projects of RAF is designed to provide 50,000 meals at a cost of QR700,000 to poor people in Mauritania during Ramadan.

The Iftar meals include rice with chicken or mutton, fried items and fruit salad. Each meal is packed in a separate box for the fasting person. Those willing to avail the meals will be given coupons and receive the meals before fasting time.
An Iftar meal in Mauritania costs QR14 per person, the donors can send their contribution for the aforementioned campaign through SMS. For QR50, donors are required to type 37 and send on 92648, said the official.
Qatar Charity has also launched a number of drives to collect donations for Iftar projects in several countries. The donors can contribute QR10 to provide a meal in the Philippines and Kenya, QR15 and QR30 for Ethiopia and UK respectively.
Eid Charity fixed QR15 for the cost of an Iftar meal in Qatar and announced several different packages to fit the budget of donors.
As per the package of Eid Charity, a donor can provide Iftar meals to 10 and 20 fasting people throughout the holy month of Ramadan at a cost of QR4,500 and QR9,000 respectively.
Funding meals of more fasting people — 150 and 200 — is available at QR68,000 and QR130,000 respectively.
The rich can buy the expensive packages for 300 and 1,000 fasting people throughout Ramadan in air-conditioned tents at QR186,000 and QR450,000.
For the family package, donors can provide Iftar meals to a complete family at a cost of QR2,700 for the whole month.