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Guy Goes Out For A Drink And Finds Out That He Was The Lone Survivor In His Town Upon Returning


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Ludger Sylbaris who was born in the Carribean island of Martinique in 1875 was always a notorious man and was even convicted for his acts. But, on a fateful day of May 7, 1902, his life turned upside down.

He went out of the town to get some drink and ended up being involved in a riot and thrashed a man. He was taken to the solitary confinement after the incident and to teach him a lesson, police locked him in a single, partially-underground cell which did not even have a single window, he just had a small slit in the door.

However, what was supposed to teach him a lesson, eventually saved his life. The following day, the Mt. Pelee volcano started to erupt which was threatening to come out from a week. It had forced the residents to vacate countryside and take shelter in the town which proved to be a mistake.

The volcano exploded and killed 40000 people. The pressure wave exceeded 1000 degree and brought down every building in the area. However, Sylbaris was found alive after 4 days by the rescuers.

He explained that he urinated on his clothes and placed it on the doorway slit to protect himself from the extreme heat. He gained fame as the lone survivor of the destruction. His crimes were pardoned and he got a job at Barnum and Bailey circus where he was known as the “Living relic” and “the man who lived Doomsday.”