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Heartbroken Husband Unable To Deal With Wife’s Death Slept Next To Her Body For 6 Days!


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Russell Davison was left heartbroken after his wife, Wendy, succumbed to cancer last month. He could not bear the thought of her being taken away from him so soon.

So he held on to her until he was able to come to terms with it. He kept Wendy’s body in their room and slept beside her for the next 6 days.

Wendy died from cervical cancer at age 50 in April 21. She was diagnosed with the disease in 2006 just before her 40th birthday. However, the family though it best to forego chemotherapy and radiation and opted for ‘natural medicine’ instead by making their own research.

In 2014, she was given only six months to live and they decided to make the most of her remaining years by traveling across the globe.

But her health began failing and she was taken into a hospice care in September last year. She eventually succumbed to cancer in April.

However, Mr. Davison wasn’t ready to let go of his wife just yet. He washed her body, dressed her in a beautiful floral dress and lifted her on their bed. He then slept beside her for 6 days.

“There was nothing that upset me about being in a room with a dead body.  It was the opposite: Wendy’s body was still there and that was really comforting,” he said.

Mr. Davison recalled how Wendy looked ‘absolutely beautiful’ on their bed.

“There was no bad smell, no fluids.  Even though all we did was close the curtains so her body wasn’t exposed to direct sunlight, there was no real decomposition, nothing highly unsightly or disturbing,” he said.

Mr. Davison has since encouraged all who may have to go through the same experience to try the same thing he did as it felt very ‘comforting’.

Many people came to visit Wendy and Mr. Davison encouraged them to talk to her.

On April 28, he finally felt it would be best to bring Wendy to her final resting place. They brought her to a crematorium and came back home with her ashes.

Their touching love story has become viral on social media and many commended the husband for his unfailing love for his wife.

“I would describe the process as like an emotional decompression chamber, allowing us to start to come to terms with our loss while Wendy is still with us,” he said.

This is what Russel said about losing his best friend.