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If You Can Manage To Live For Another 30 Years You Might Be Alive For A 1000 Years


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Yes it totally sounds crazy but it’s real.

According to some scientists, we are but decades away from moving into the mind-blowing realms of ‘life extension,’ which could change life forever…

We struggle with the concept of our own mortality, because it’s quite difficult for everybody to grasp and are constantly on the hunt for ways which would make us appear younger.

The shelves of every chemist, pharmacy, beauty salon and health shop are crammed full of products claiming to help ‘restore youth’ and take ‘years off’  in order to satisfy our demand for a piece of ‘youth.’

However, the concept has been nothing more than just a thought.

There are several factors that will help extend life, which includes basic factors like eating right and exercising, but with a genetic therapy we may be able to add much more than a year or two onto our life expectancy.

Death may not be a certain fact of life, because scientists continue to find more inspiring ways to extend lives.

Technology is developing at a daily basis and it seems like we may be able to finally reach the goal of living longer lives.

Watch a video below to learn more: