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Jilted Boyfriend Gang-Rapes Ex-Girlfriend With Six Other Men, Drives A Car Over Her Head To Disfigure Her Face Before Leaving Her For Dogs To Shred Apart In India


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Another horrifying story of rape has come into the news after a woman’s body shredded by dogs, with her face disfigured has been found by police.


The result of a jilted boyfriend. The man gang-raped his ex-girlfriend with six other men then drove a car over her head to stop her being identified in India.


The mutilated body of the 23-year-old woman was found being torn apart by dogs after she was abducted from Sonipat and driven to the city of Rohtak in the country’s north.


There she was raped and tortured with sharp-edged objects before having her skull smashed with bricks when she threatened to tell police.

Her attackers then crushed her with a car in a bid to disfigure her to a level where it would be difficult to recognize her, according to local reports.


This horrifying incident comes just days after the Supreme Court upheld the death penalty for four men in the Nirbhaya gang-rape and murder case from Delhi that had sparked nationwide revulsion and legal reforms.

A local man Sumit Kumar, whose age is not known, along with and half-a-dozen associates are alleged to have carried out the abduction.


Police announced on Saturday that they had arrested Kumar and and associate named as Vikas.

The victim’s family members identified the body and told the police that Sumit and six to seven men had stormed their house and threatened the woman after she refused to marry him.

Station house officer Ajay Kumar confirmed: ‘The victim was living with her mother.

‘She had left for the job on May 9 around 7am when the accused, Sumit, along with his accomplice, Vikas, abducted her in a car’.


‘We have recovered victim’s body who was later identified as a resident of Kalupur Chungi area of Sonipat. The investigation is ongoing and we have arrested the prime accused Sumit and his accomplice, Vikas.

‘Sumit has confessed to the crime and told us that they killed the victim after raping her,’ Ajay Kumar said.


Horrifying autopsy


The autopsy report found her skull was smashed in an attempt to disfigure her.

‘The postmortem has revealed that the victim was first intoxicated by mixing sedatives in a soft drink. It is believed that the victim was raped and killed after she fell unconscious.

‘Her head has been crushed brutally,’ said senior professor and forensic medicine expert Dr SK Dhatarwal.

‘We have also found broken bones. The accused indulged in this brutal act to deface her.’


He stalked her


The victim’s family revealed to the police that Sumit was pressuring her to marry, but she turned him down her last year as he was unemployed.

He would stalk her and a week before she was abducted she had slapped the accused as he blocked her way.


Police say Sumit told them that after abducting the woman, they took her to Rohtak and stopped the vehicle near Parsvnath City. He asked the victim again to marry him but she refused. This infuriated him and he killed her, police say.

‘I was in love with her and she also loved me. There was some altercation between us and I killed her with a brick,’ Sumit said on camera.


The woman’s mother has demanded that all those involved in the crime be hanged.