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Little Boy Shares His First Day School Experience With His Dead Twin And Its Heart Tearing


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It is a known fact that twins have the strongest bond and they tend to know each other’s feeling naturally. Unfortunately, Walker Myrick had to grow without his twin brother as he could not make it.

Walker’s twin Willis passed away in the womb itself due to a rare illness known as Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome (TTTS). It occurs when twins share one placenta, but only one fetus gets more blood flow than the other.

However, it has not stopped Walker from sharing a special bond and wanted to share the experience of first day at kindergarten with his twin.

He said that he just wanted to tell Willis about school and asked to go to the cemetery, he later shared his thoughts by leaning against the headstone.

He shows of his new football to twin brother along with his sister and on few occasions he leaves behind some presents to his brother.

He feels at peace at this place and even after years he believes that his brother is with him. The family is currently working towards raising awareness about TTTS.