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Lots Of Bus Stops But No Sunshade Causing Commuters To Bear Extreme Heat


The lack of sunshades at some bus stops is forcing commuters to endure the scorching heats.
As the sun is beating down even harder this summer, since a number of bus stop platforms in Doha lack sunshades, commuters are forced to wait for bus under the sun in this blistering summer season.
“I have been waiting for the bus for 15 minutes and due to lack of any shade, I have started feeling heat exhaustion. Waiting for a bus in winter season has never been a problem but during summer, the heat turns it into a painful experience,” said Mizanur Rehman, a commuter waiting for bus at Najma near Alfardan Exchange.
Although Mowasalat has introduced many modern technologies like the advance payment system, the self-service machines for selling the public transport cards and the SMS notification about the arrival of buses more people-friendly but shade-less bus stops are still causing pain for commuters.
The availability bus stop is quite aplenty as there is one after every kilometer especially on Salwa Road service lane, but without sunshades. “Since commuters cannot wait for a long time without shades at these spots, they find no option but to hire a cab which also they cannot afford financially,” said Mohan Rai, a worker, who daily travels by Karwa bus.
He added that the condition in Industrial Area was also not different where there were a number of bus stops but no shelters. “Usually those people who travel by public transport cannot afford taxis. As they cannot afford cabs, they bear the heat and try to find some shelter nearby like the shade of a wall or some small tree until the bus arrives,” Rai observed.
He suggested that Mowasalat should intall sun shelters as soon as possible in area where the number of commuters are more. Some other areas like Ain Khalid, Asian Town, Wakra, Najma also have the same problem.
“We are not asking for air-conditioned facilities but there should be shades which can save commuters from the scorching sunlight in this hot weather,” Fazal Khan, an expatriate from Pakistan, said.
This problem has forced commuters to wait for the bus at non-designated places as they find some shade there. They also want the bus driver to stop the bus in those non-designated spots. This is not possible as per the law as the driver is supposed to stop bus only at designated places.
People are instead using Mowasalat’s SMS service to get real time information about the arrival of buses. The SMS notification provides real time information about specific bus routes. The commuters can send an SMS with a specific bus-stop number to “92112” and Mowasalat provides them information about buses on that particular route, their expected timings etc.
“There is no second opinion that all bus stop spots should have shades to save people from sweltering heat. But to overcome the problem for the time being, I have started using the SMS service and go to the bus stop only near the arrival of bus as no one can bear this temperature,” said Ishak.