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Love Struck Dutchman Almost Died After He Flew 5,000 Miles To Meet “Online Girlfriend” in China Who Didn’t Turn Up For 10 Days


A Dutch man who probably wanted to surprise his “girlfriend” by being spontaneous almost died. He waited for ten days in a Chinese airport  and needed to be hospitalized after developing severe health problems.

Alexander Pieter Cirk, 41, flew from Holland to Huanghua International Airport in Changsha, Hunan province, south China on July 22 in the hope of meeting a 26-year-old woman he met online two months ago, known only by the surname Zhang.

When he arrived and saw that no one waiting for him at the airport, Mr Cirk refused to leave the building and ended up sleeping there for ten nights, according to People’s Daily Online.

The Dutchman who barely ate and slept throughout his wait caused him to pass out as an effect of his severe diabetes.

With his condition worsening, emergency services were summoned to airport, where they quickly took Mr Cirk away for treatment.

He was later pictured with a drip attached, being pushed around in a wheelchair.

Ms Zhang told news reporters she had been having plastic surgery treatment in Zhengzhou while Mr Cirk waited, and had turned her phone off while her face was wrapped in gauze.

The 26-year-old confirmed she did not expect Mr Cirk to make the 5,400 mile one-way trip from his home city Amsterdam to Changsha.

She told a local news channel: ‘We had advanced our romantic relationship but later he seemed a little callous towards me.

‘One day he sent me a photo of air tickets abruptly and I thought it was a joke. He didn’t contact me later.’


Ms Zhang says she called Mr Cirk in hospital, after which they had a two hour conversation and discussed the Dutch man’s ordeal.

The Chinese woman said it was ‘inconvenient’ for her to return to Changsha to see Mr Cirk, but asked that medical staff look after him well.

Going by this story, I doubt the woman in the picture is who she is and made up the whole plastic surgery, face covered in gauze story to hide her face in case the media or he gets a load of her real identity.

Either ways she never expected him to take such a drastic measure and is now probably thinking up ways to get rid of him or explain her real situation.

It is not known when Mr Cirk will return home or be able to leave hospital.