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Male Escort Known As The ‘Bali Boyfriend’ Reveals What His Clients Really Want From Him


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Everyone woman hopes to experience Long walks on the beach, chasing waterfalls and watching the sunset on a romantic beach holiday.


But the woman who come to Bali find their romantic partner in the male escorts called to make the picture perfect.

One of the most popular ones, Steve, as he calls himself, is a 25-year-old man who offers women more than just a wedding date or a quick hotel rendezvous.

There’s a reason, after all, why he calls himself the Bali ‘boyfriend’, rather than just an escort.
‘They just like me to be here,’ Steve told Daily Mail Australia of his clients, who range in age from 35 to 40 years old and come from Australia, Japan, Korea and Europe.

‘They really want someone to understand them and how they feel,’ he added. ‘It’s not just about intimacy.’

Steve thinks it’s important to make his clients feel so comfortable that he does not have a set hourly rate, or any charges at all.

And one of the reasons why he’s a deal maker is that the women are expected to pay for any costs incurred during a date, like a dinner or taxi ride, but Steve lets them decide if they want to give him anything extra.

‘I’m not expecting money, I don’t care about money,’ he said. ‘They can decide how much to pay, if they want to pay.’

‘For me, it’s more enjoyable if you don’t think about money – and I’m not after money.’

Steve became an escort not for financial gain but because he wanted to ‘live his dreams and not only dream about them,’ he writes on the Bali Boyfriend website.

‘It’s fun and it’s a chance to meet a lot of people and interact with a lot of people,’ he said. ‘So why not?’

‘I can always learn something new from different people,’ Steve added. ‘And I can learn how to treat women better, about what they really want and how they want to be treated.’

Steve said he has learned that many women want to be spoiled, but not with expensive gifts or exotic trips.

‘They want to be spoiled with attention,’ he said. ‘With touch. They just want us to give them more attention and treat them properly.’

A perfect date to Steve, would involve dinner during sunset, ‘having a good laugh with good wine’, and then watching the stars and holding hands on the beach.

And, if his client does want some sexy time, Steve has promised to be a ‘sensual’ partner, with a ‘soft, tender touch’.

Steve reveals that some of his clients tell him about their cheating boyfriends, or discuss the partners who don’t have time to cuddle or talk after making love.

When Steve and his clients walk down the street, he said they want him to hold their hand, to shower them with kisses and ‘treat them like a real boyfriend’.

And, if they do end up becoming intimate that night, Steve often finds

that the client wants to talk after they have sex and just ‘lay in bed and cuddle’.

‘I listen to them more, I give them more attention and I treat them properly,’ he said. ‘I know how to talk to them, I know how to touch them.’

‘They just want some freedom to talk about anything, cause some of them don’t have that kind of freedom in their relationship.’

So men, take it from a professional, If you don’t want your women to ever need a “bali, boyfriend” take some notes from him.