Bored Lad

Mall Wedding Proposal Went Horribly Wrong And The Crowd’s Reaction Is The Worst Part!


Men are traditionally the ones who are supposed to go down on one knee in front of their partner for life. It’s nerve wracking and requires a lot of guts.

But doing it in public is even scarier but this guy took up the challenge and did it well and in a mall!

Dapper looking man, the man, dressed in blue suit and pants, made a public announcement to get everyone’s attention. The mall-goers eagerly listened as he told them that he’s waiting for his girlfriend and that he’d be making the proposal today.

Everyone pull out their camera for the most exciting thing to ever happen, probably in their lives and began shooting the intimate moment.

Sadly the girl said no and the man was left devastated.

But the cameras were still on, even worse! This is what the crowd did!

Check it out!