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Mom Sacrifices Her Life On Mother’s Day Trying To Save Daughters’ After An 80 Year Old Went Crazy In Her Car


The mom and daughter who had earlier that day been at a nearby church and had just left a bakery when the accident occurred around 9.10am.

According to police, Ann Riolo, 80, the driver behind the wheels, was backing her car out of a diagonal parking spot, but accidentally shifted the gear into ‘drive’.

The 2005 toyota corolla was sent speeding onto the sidewalk.

Eyewitness accounts report that the 55-year-old mother was quick to think.

‘Her mom sees the car jump the curb, she actually grabs her by her shoulder and pushes her,’ suffolk county detective sergeant James Murphy told the new york daily news.

‘She saved her life, without a doubt.’

Riolo hit both Diane and Jenna before crashing into the lindenhurst fire department station on south wellwood avenue, police said before Diane Pushed Jenna aside.

Diane was pinned under the car and bystanders rushed to lift it off of her, reported newsday.

Although they tried to retrieve her, Diane died at the Good Samaritan hospital medical center in west islip, about four-and-a-half miles away.

Jenna and riolo were treated for non-life-threatening injuries at the same hospital, police said.

Riolo’s current state is unknown but officers say Jenna is going to be fine.

According to police, the corolla was impounded for a ‘safety check’, and the driver, Riolo, is currently not facing criminal charges.

‘It appears to be non-criminal, just a terrible accident,’ sergeant murphy said.