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SUPERHERO DOG: Newborn Baby Was Buried Alive in the Bush But a Dog Saved Him After It Smelled the Baby!


A dog saved a newborn baby buried alive in the bush simply by smelling the baby. The dog dug a hole in the ground after smelling him and finally found him.

The one month old baby was taken to a local clinic immediately. The baby is currently in the care of the hospital.

Life-saver: A dog (pictured) in China has saved a baby after digging him out from the ground

This incident took place in south-west China.

The pet’s owner, Yang Jiali was looking for the dog and when she finally found him, she saw a desperate dog digging a hole in the ground. She then saw a baby lying in the hole.

Remote bush: The pet dug a hole (pictured) after it thought there was a baby under the ground

According to Ms Yang, the baby was crying when she saw him being freed by the dog.

According to a doctor, named An Yue, the baby had low body temperature and a slow heart rate when he was brought to the clinic.

‘His mouth was full of mud,’ said Dr An.

Heroic dog: The pet’s owner was looking for the dog when she saw him freeing the little boy

In save hands: The boy was immediately taken to the local clinic for medical attention

The boy is currently treated at the Jiangjin Central Hospital.

Doctor Anyue said the boy had low body temperature and a slow heart rate when he arrived

The pet’s owner pointed at the place where she saw the dog digging to save the month-old boy