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Newborn Buried Alive Saved By Dog


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A dog saved a newborn baby buried alive in the bush simply by smelling the baby. The dog dug a hole in the ground after smelling him and finally found him.

The one month old baby was taken to a local clinic immediately. The baby is currently in the care of the hospital.

This incident took place in south-west China.

The pet’s owner, Yang Jiali was looking for the dog and when she finally found him, she saw a desperate dog digging a hole in the ground. She then saw a baby lying in the hole.

According to Ms Yang, the baby was crying when she saw him being freed by the dog.

According to a doctor, named An Yue, the baby had low body temperature and a slow heart rate when he was brought to the clinic.

‘His mouth was full of mud,’ said Dr An.

The boy is currently treated at the Jiangjin Central Hospital.