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NHRC’s Annual Report Claims That A Total Of 3467 Cases Were Resolved In 2016


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According to the annual report of NHRC (National Human Rights Committee), a totol of 3467 cases were resolved last year. It was also mentioned that 2132 people got a permanent sponsorship while the rest had temporary sponsorship transfer.

Reports like delayed in wages and unjustified sacking by the employers were considered by the NHRC. The report stated that the committee appraised the HR Department at the Ministry of Interior (MOI) regarding the rules of changing jobs to a different employer.

The HR department clarified that according to the Article 22 of Law 21 of 2105 regulating the exit, entry and residence of expatriates, an employee’s sponsorship can transferred temporarily in two conditions – first to allow him to meet his expenses during his stay in Qatar and second is to legalise his stay in Qatar until the settlement of the dispute.

The report also recommended to enhance the safety measures at construction sites and raising awareness among workers to avoid accidents.