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Obsessed Woman Offers Man’s Girlfriend P11.4 Million To Leave Him Alone!


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Here is a creepy story of a woman so obsessed with a man that she stalks him and hounds him over all forms of social media.
The Malaysian girl, only known as Jocye Lee, sends messages to her crush, Danny Tan who is in a relationship, almost every day, sending him pictures and telling him things about her daily life—even things he doesn’t need to know.
Danny has grown wary of the woman as she continuously sent messages and even called him on his phone numerous times. She addresses him as “Hubby”, “My love”and takes photos of herself to share with him.
Then things began to get a little too creepy for him to digest after which he sternly told her to stop all her obsession. According to Danny, no matter how many times he changed his social media accounts and his numbers, Jocye managed to contact him anyway.

Danny said: “I really don’t know what to say to you anymore. Can you please not disturb me anymore? I’ve blocked all of your social media accounts but you still managed to find me. You’re really “amazing”. Please don’t send me anymore photos or messages, I don’t want to see them.”
To which Jocye replied: “Even if you block me, I can open a new account to look for you. I also have multiple SIM cards to call you, so don’t even think of blocking my number.”
This is when Danny learned that Jocye had been harassing his girlfriend as well, even offering her a large amount of money just to leave Danny alone.

Danny’s girlfriend, Joey Tan, wrote: “As a boyfriend or girlfriend, if you meet this kind of woman, what would you do? The girlfriend has sacrificed a lot for the boyfriend, and she loves him very much. “The situation is not like what the woman claims. She also tried to make it seem like the girlfriend was materialistic by twisting her words!”


Joey also had a message for Jocye: “Give up already. He’ll never be yours and even if we break up at least he was mine before. Why should I break up with him? Just because you are rich? So you want to use your money to buy his love?
“You told me before you will give me RM1 million to break up with him, so where is the money? Otherwise why don’t you name your price and I pay you to get lost?”
Turns out the woman is 38-years-old but she looks really young.