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Son Plays Epic Prank On Parents After 3 Years Away From Home And Losing 45 Pounds


A young man Hadi Wibawa  of Indonesia came home from London where he’d been studying for the last three years. While he was there he lost a lot of weight, forty-five pounds in fact. So he decided to trick his parents to see if they’d still know it was him.

He was away from home for three long years decided to pay a visit to his family. What happened was a prank of monumental proportions when he played on his drastically changed appearance to see if his parents would recognize him.


A much thinner Hadi.

He called his brothers to let them in on the joke, and secretly few in from London. From there, one of his brothers invited mom and dad to a restaurant for lunch. Hadi, of course, seated himself at an adjacent table and pretended not to know anyone.

Hadi impersonating a stranger.

Although his parents arrived and at first, neither of them identified the guy in the white shirt next to their table. But here is the moment that proves that no one can fool a mother. Hadi’s mom was no exception. His mom caught a glimpse of him and couldn’t get rid of the notion that the boy looks too similar to her son.

But his dad’s was different story. Hadi’s dad denied the “stranger” looked anything like his son, but mom couldn’t get over the strong resemblance.

One of the brothers couldn’t really keep it together and was is a fit of giggles throughout the staged event. Luckily it didn’t affect the moment much.

Watch the hilarious video here: