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Man wins $20,000 on game show. Then Steve learns he’s terminally ill and realizes he needs more


Steve Harvey’s Act Of Kindness In The Game Show Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity

Steve Harvey is one of the most happening and humorous celebrity without a doubt and is also a pretty good host. He has been hosting the game show family feud since 2010, in which two teams battle for significant amounts of money.

In one of the episodes he saw a man nervous than usual and the participant was sweating a lot, Steve even wanted to crack a joke on him but held back after realizing that he was nervous because of something else.

“He had played three days and they didn’t win the money, and he was just a wreck,” he said. Luckily for the man, after three days he finally won the amount of $20,000. Immediately afterward, the man collapsed in tears. “He just fell on his knees, and he wouldn’t stop crying,” Harvey said.

During the commercial break Steve asked the participant what was going to which he said, “Steve, I’m terminally ill. I’ve got three months to live, and because of my illness, I can’t get insurance. I need this money for my family.”

Steve who was impressed gave him an additional $25000 to make things better and give him what he was desperately looking for.