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Woman Sleeps With Man Who Purchased Xbox Console From Her And Then Black Mailed Him For Money Claiming She Was Pregnant With His Child!


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A Sextortion is when someone blackmails another person with private intimate images or sexual images to extract money from them. In this case a 22-year-old-mother blackmailer has been jailed for two years for scamming a man she seduced when he answered an advert to buy an Xbox from her.

Wendy Kirkbride, 22, invited the man to have sex in his car after he gave her £40 for the gaming console.


He was beyond shocked when he was contacted weeks later by the jobless mother claiming to be pregnant.


She threatened to post all about their fling on  Facebook and rat to his girlfriend if he didn’t cough up money for the abortion.


The man who was scared out of his wits paid her £640 which ran his account dry. After he finally confided in a friend he was encouraged to talk to the cops about the sextortionist.


When she demanded another £150 by the following afternoon, he ended up going to the police, a court heard.
Prosecutor Neil Ronan told Carlisle Crown Court that shortly before last Christmas the man had replied to an on-line advert for an X-box the girl was selling.

He said: ‘He went to her home to buy it, paying her £40. After the sale was competed the two ended up having sex in the man’s car.

‘It was Kirkbride who initiated the sex.’

Weeks later, the defendant contacted him, saying that she felt sick and she put this down to being pregnant.
‘She said she needed an abortion. She said that if he didn’t pay she would tell his girlfriend,’ the prosecutor continued.

‘She said she would put it on Facebook so that everybody would know about it. Understandably, he began to worry. He didn’t know what to do.’

This went on for a month until she ordered him to hand over £150 by 1.30pm the next day or face the music.

When he said ‘no’, she threatened him again, and issued a new deadline for the next day.

The man, who was now broke, decided to contact the police.

This also leads us to her other offence:

On January 2, Kirkbride falsely reported to the police she had been the victim of a robbery, which lead to her bag, containing her phone and keys, being stolen.

She had to pay her landlords just £55 for a replacement set of keys, which normally is £180.

However, after an investigation, police discovered she had lied about the robbery after they were unable to find the incident on CCTV.

Kirkbride, of Whitehaven, Cumbria, admitted blackmail and perverting the course of justice.

Alison Whalley, mitigating, said the crimes were financially motivated and Kirkbride was pregnant, but she had since lost the child. She suffered anxiety and depression and may present a suicide risk in jail.


Judge Peter Davies branded Kirkbride ‘dishonest and manipulative’ and said she knew her victim was not wealthy and had shown no remorse.

He added: ‘Blackmail is a serious offence – it’s not just taking money, it’s taking money by force. You will go to prison straight away.’