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Woman Travels The World For Free By Getting Men to Pay For Dates in Exotic Locations


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Monica Lynn, 25 was tired of her bored life and wanted to make something that excited her and took a serious decision of quitting her job as a Merrill Lynch financial adviser. She came up with a concept of Miss Travel, a dating website that matches wealthy single men with prospective partners they can bring on dates to exotic locations.

Two years she has traveled to nine countries and has gone on a camel ride in Dubai, shopping in Hong Kong, and clubbing in Mexico which was all funded by the dates she met on Miss Travel. However, the men will not get to sleep with her as she calls it “dating on steroids.”

Kayaking in Mexico

Camel trekking in Dubai

She believes that Miss Travel is similar to other dating website and the only difference being the amount of travelling involved. She has visited Barbados, the Philippines, the Caribbean, Costa Rica, Italy, and Indonesia for free.

Massage on the beach in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Sunset in Barbados

Currently she is exclusively going out with a 28 year old Italian, they have already been on seven holidays together and she hopes this one’s for the long haul.

Le Royal Meridien Beach Resort & Spa in Dubai

Want to go see the world for free like Monica Lynn? Sign on to Miss Travel, pronto!