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Brother And Sister Step Up On Stage But When They Begin Their Performance The Judges Close Their Eyes!


At first glance, these siblings are mistaken for being a lovely couple, which started the duo’s moment on the Britains Got Talent quite awkward.


Billy and Emily, 28 and 25 years old, started roller skating when we were kids, Emily was 5 and Billy was 8 when they first knew how to roller skate. What’s good about their relationship as siblings is that they don’t just treat each other as siblings, but are like best friends.


They joined Britain’s Got Talent to make their parents proud and to impress the judges.

When their music began to play judges clung to the edge of their seat and sometimes shut their eyes. The reason? Their stunts were all unbelievable, especially their final stunt wherein they both wore a head-gear and they started turning around. Take note, Billy’s not even holding her sister anymore. It was really amazing.

Watch for yourself and tell me you didn’t feel the same way.