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Can You Imagine Being Asked How Much You’d Charge For a NIGHT? This Woman’s Answer Is Something Every Woman Can Be Proud Of


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A Bangalore, India, based woman tried to take down an online stalker but Facebook prevented her from doing so.

A student was asked if she had a ch*t?

Stalkers have probably taken Facebook to be an open brothel of some sort.

Bangalore based techie Richa Chanfrawanshi reported that she was being sent terribly cheap messages by Vivek Tiwari. After being offered money in return for s*x, Richa decided to teach the characterless man a lesson.

She posted the lewd messages on Facebook:

Well, yes i could have blocked him n ignored this too. But, what next? He would go beyond, make another fake id n post few other girls the same dirty stuff!

Least, he got scared n deactivated his account after my text.

All the girls out there know it’s suchha common thing to get the texts like this. Our “other messages” folder is filled with more stupid texts like this. But we ignore n that’s what make them think it’s okay to post such things!

Yes, i was ashamed to post this. But i still chose to do so.

She requests all the cybercrime authorities to take necessary action towards such incidents.