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Incredible moment journalist escapes death as ISIS sniper’s bullet deflects off camera


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ISIS Sniper Shot A Journalist In Chest, But Camera Equipment Acts As A Shield

A journalist almost died when a bullet shot past him and caught his GoPro, almost shooting him in the heart.

War reporters are quite brave and this guy showed immense courage when his camera got blown straight off his chest.

The Iraqi reported almost died by an ISIS sniper while reporting in Mosul. His camera exploded, narrowly missing his heart in the process.

The frightening video caught on another camera was posted on Imgur, as a group of reporters were busy conversing just moments before the almost fatal attack.

His GoPro camera was ripped off his chest in the blast, with bits of plastic flying from the point of impact and straight into his face, which caused minor facial injuries. It could’ve been worse though.


Is it better to be lucky or good?

Everything was so quick, but the journalist carried his luck that day.