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Iskra Lawrence Proves That You Don’t Have to Be Skinny For Men To Drool Over


There is an obsession to be skinny and size zero of late among women, they go through intense workout and diet program to achieve that look. However, a here is a model who is making men fall for her with her unique body.

She isn’t skinny nor perfect and yet she is killing it with her looks. Iskra Lawrence is a British model who works for Aerie, a clothing brand under American Eagle Outfitters. She motivates women to be more comfortable with themselves.

She appears natural to her more than three million followers and urges people to be happy with whatever shape they have.

She posts videos of her workout and encourages her fans to lead a healthy life and reminds people that beauty comes in all forms, shapes and sizes.

She founded Runway Riot, a website intended for women of all shapes and sizes, especially for those who are insecure about themselves.

She says: “Instead of worrying about if someone prefers you being skinny, or thick or curvy etc. Just remember that you are beautiful because you’re you.”