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Japanese princess ‘gives up royal status to marry a ‘beach tourism’ worker’


Japanese Emperor’s Granddaughter To Lose Her Position In Order To Be With A ‘Beach Tourism Worker’

Princess Mako of Akishino of Japan attends the official draw ceremony ahead of the World Group Davis Cup tie between Japan and France at Ariake Colosseum (left) and poses for photographs outside the Imperial Palace in Tokyo (right)

A Japanese princess is in the process of giving up her royal status in order to marry a beach tourism worker she met at a restaurant.

The granddaughter of Japan’s emperor is getting married to ocean lover Kei Komuro who can ski, play the violin and cook.

The man was a fellow student at International Christian University in Tokyo, where Princess Mako, 25, also graduated.

Japan’s Princess Mako stands on a bulletproofed balcony at the Imperial Palace in Tokyo to greet well-wishers who throng to the palace compound to celebrate Emperor Akihito’s 78th birthday

Once they say ‘I do’, she will lose her status – despite being Emperor Akihito’s granddaughter – as Japanese tradition dictates and become a commoner.

The two met at a restaurant about five years ago and spoke about studying abroad. They have been seeing more of each other in recent months, however.

Mako’s father and her younger brother are in line to succeed Emperor Akihito, but after her uncle Crown Prince Naruhito, who is first in line.

Japan’s Princess Mako, the first daughter of Prince Akishino and Princess Kiko, poses for photos at Imperial Palace in Tokyo

After marriage, Mako will no longer be a princess and will become a commoner.

First there will be an announcement, then engagement and then a date for the wedding will be picked.

Mako has already introduced Komuro to her parents and they approved.

Passersby watch a TV news reporting that Princess Mako (left), the granddaughter of Japan’s emperor, is getting married to Kei Komuro (right), in Tokyo Tuesday, May 16, 2017

The princess is the first member of the Japanese family to attend university. Her arts and cultural property study was done at the University of Edinburg in Scotland on an exchange.

Princess gained a masters in art museum and gallery studies from the University of Leicester in January 2016.

Japan Tennis Association Honorary President Princess Mako of Akishino watches a match on day one of Rakuten Open 2016 at Ariake Colosseum on October 3, 2016 in Tokyo, Japan

Her sister Princess Kako, 22, is following in her footsteps at ICU while her brother Prince Hisahito, 10, is third in line to the throneafter Crown Prince Naruhito and his father Prince Akishino.

Mako of Akishino attends the state dinner in honour of King Philippe and Queen Mathilde of Belgium

Japan’s Prince Hisahito (centre, front), wearing a traditional ceremonial attire, is accompanied by his parents, Prince Akishino, Princess Kiko, his sisters Princess Mako, left, and Princess Kako, right, after attending ‘Chakko-no-gi’ ceremony to celebrate his growth and the passage from infancy to childhood, at the Akasaka imperial estate in Tokyo

Emperor Akihito, 83, is the son of Hirohito, Japan’s emperor during World War Two.

Watch a video of Princess Mako graduating: