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Lucky Chinese Man Escapes A Disaster Despite His Foolish Act On A Cliff


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It is disgusting to see people putting their life on line just for that perfect photograph and there are many cases which has costed people’s life while doing so. Here a Chinese man tries to handstand on a cliff edge, with his bare hands and what happened next is pretty dangerous.

Fortunately, he returned back alive with minor injuries. The footage was captured on the Jigong Mountain in the municipality of Chongqing, Southwest China.

This is not the only case of extreme stunts, previously, a footage went viral which showed an amateur base jumper’s stunt. He had no leg straps, a vital part for safety in the extreme sport. Luckily for him, professional instructor Chris McDougall noticed the error and saved him just in time.

The man who was warned by Chris went ahead and jumped after correctly attaching his equipment. Chris wrote on his YouTube page:  “How this can happen I do not know but I hope this video will raise awareness to how important it is to pay attention to detail when base jumping.

“So many new jumpers come into this sport thinking it is all about Go Pro’s and social media and they forget the fundamentals of how serious and dangerous this sport can be if respect is not given to every aspect of it.

“I am glad I saved someone’s life but each jumper must have the ability to save their own on each and every jump.”