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Man Finds A Fallen Wallet And Goes Shopping With It. When The Owner Confronts Him He Is Shocked To Know The Truth!


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If you find a wallet loaded with a card and lots of money would you keep it or find the owner and return it or maybe spend a little money? Don’t tell me you’d keep it!


A social experiment of a YouTube channel ‘DennisCeeTv’ which is titled ‘What would you do with a lost wallet?’ explores just this!


In this social experiment, a man will drop his wallet, as if accidentally, which contains a hundred dollars, his ID and credit cards, just to know what people will do after seeing his wallet. In the first part of the video, people are calling him as soon as he dropped his wallet. Some even picked it up just to give it back to him. But there’s this one guy that really caught their attention.

As soon as this guy picked up the wallet, he opened it and check what’s inside the wallet. Made a call and then entered a mall with it.

The pranksters follow the man without his knowledge and see that he’s buying things for himself!


Then when they confront him the owner of the fallen wallet is taken a aback with the truth!