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Man In China Who Climbed Zoo Fence To Avoid Paying Entrance Fee Pays The Ultimate Price


Chinese Dad Gets Attacked By Tigers After Climbing Zoo Fence To Avoid Paying Entrance Fee

A man in China who wanted to avoid paying entrance fee to get into a zoo, climbed the zoo fence which proved to be fatal. The man was with his wife and children when he was attacked by the tigers after falling down from the wall. The incident took place at the Yageer Zoo in Ningbo.

Though Special Forces were present in the spot, it took them an hour to pull him away to safety. The victim was identified as Zhang from Hubei province. The police fired at one of the tigers and he was immediately rushed to the hospital where he was declared dead because of injuries.

The zoo was temporarily closed following the incident. Reports said that the wife and children had bought tickets for themselves, but, Zhang and his co-worker, Li, tried to climb the wall of the zoo. The cops had no choice but to kill the animal as it dragged the victim.

Watch the video below: