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Milind Soman’s 77-YO Mom Can Plank For Over A Minute And You??



My personal highest time is 20 seconds. So I’m already sweating when see Milind Soman’s mom, a 77-year-old really slay the game! And apparently it’s not her best time! What?!!!


Meet Usha Suman, mother of Milind Suman, who at the age of 77 is giving us a lot complex! Recently, Milind posted, 


Look who joined me- hello, Aai 🙂 #SariNotSorry #UshaSoman #Barefoot #Amdavad2Mumbai #TGIR #mobiefit #Live2Inspire

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Now, this isn’t the first time, the iron lady has shown her grit. She, unlike any woman of her age, joins her son for a barefoot run at times! 

So maybe she’s the fitness inspiration for the man who never ages or it’s the otherway around either ways these two are really a great fitness mom-son duo! Don’t you think?