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Putin Admits That North Korea’s Missile Test Was Wrong, But, Also Tells WEST To Stop Intimidating NORTH KOREA


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Russian President Vladimir Putin has told the world leaders to stop intimidating North Korea following the dictator’s missile test. But, having said that he also admitted that North Korea’s missile test was uncalled for.

He denied any threats to Russia in spite of the missile landing around 60 miles off the country’s east coast. He added his voice to China and South Korea’s calling for fresh talks with Kim Jong-un. He said that peaceful dialogue with the North is the only way out to solve the situation.

Putin said: ‘We are categorically against the expansion of the club of nuclear powers. We consider (the missile test) counter-productive, harmful and dangerous’.

But, he added: ‘We must stop intimidating North Korea and find a peaceful solution to this problem.’

Earlier, Trump said that he would be willing to participate in the talks ‘under the right circumstances’, though his administration said that possibility was slim after the missile launch.

Nikki Haley, the US ambassador to the United Nations, told, ‘This Week’ that ‘having a missile test is not the way to sit down with the president, because he’s absolutely not going to do it.’

North Korea test fired a Hwasong-12 ballistic missile which is claimed to be the longest-range weapon ever developed by the regime.

The missile was launched from Kusong region  that travelled around 500 miles before dropping into the sea of Japan. Experts believe that the missile would have a range of at least 2500 miles when fired in a straighter line.

While that is significantly longer than the rage of its other missiles, it still falls around 3,000 miles short of the US mainland.

Kim Jong-un who personally oversaw the launch was captured celebrating with his officials. The ruler has said that the tests will be continued despite repeated warnings by the US.