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Horrified boyfriend forced to watch his girlfriend have $ex on live TV in Serbia


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Shocked After Watching Girlfriend Have Sex With Another Man On Live TV, Man Accuses TV Producers Of Drugging Her In Big Brother-Style Serbian Reality Show

A shocked boyfriend has blamed TV producers of drugging his girlfriend to increase ratings after footage of her having sex with another man went live on television in a Big Brother-style Serbian reality show.

Mirela Lapanovic and television roommate Milutin Radosavljevic Milija were seen under the covers together in a steamy episode of Couples, filmed in Serbia’s capital Belgrade.

But Lapanovic’s boyfriend Andrej Laharnar saw the explicit scene, captured on in-house cameras, after it was aired live.

He said: ‘If only they showed her the footage, she would be shocked.’

He also said that drug use was rife among people involved in the controversial TV show.

Images from the x-rated episode show two people on a bed and under a duvet cover.

Last year, the show made headlines when appalling footage showed a husband apparently beating up his wife.

The incident went on as partners sat around a huge banquet table.

In last year’s series – filmed in a luxury villa in Belgrade – complete strangers were introduced who then went through wedding ceremonies to see how long the relationship could survive the pressure.

The production team behind Couples are yet to give their response regarding this matter.