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This Son Cursed His OFW Mother While He Was Chatting With Her on Facebook! The Reason Why Is Unbelievable!


Son Swears At OFW Mom While On Facebook And The Reason Will Make You Angry!

Being an overseas Filipino worker (OFW) is extremely difficult. One of the challenges is being able to maintain a good relationship with your family and loved ones, despite the distance.

However, this is made easier with technology and the convenience of social media platforms.

But here’s a story of a son who has an OFW for a mother with whom he usually contacted via Facebook.

The son got a private message with his mother that began with: “Kuya asan k?” The son replied that he was just in the house. The mother said that he should wait for her “padala” because it may take some time.

It turned out that the mother couldn’t send money to her son because according to her, her own employer refused to release her salary. The mother wasn’t able to cite why. The source did not say where the mother works.

The son answers her that he was already in the “shop.” The mother replied that even though she wanted to send money to her son, she cannot do so because there was no one else in the place she was in.

We ca probably assume that the mother was referring to her being in the office and as such, was the only person there. She explained that she cannot leave her post.

Meanwhile, the son replied “puro ka pala bukas bukas sinabi ngayon akomagbabayad eh”

Here the son is seen demanding that she send money. It also appears that he didn’t understand the situation his mother was in. The mother attempted to explain again.

She said she wasn’t allowed to go out, hence the reason as to why she couldn’t send money to her son. The son rebutted, “nakaka ilan bukas kana ba”

And then proceeded to call his mother “t*ngnamo. wag kana sakin magpadala hayop k”

See the whole conversation below for your reference:

Such an ungrateful son! What do you think?