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Teachers Fed Up Over Fidget Spinner Craze


Teachers in some schools have has enough of watching students engage in playing with fidget spinner, a toy that has become immensely popular after recently rolling into the market.

They are now taking measures to discourage children for carrying these to school.

So far the schools have confiscating the toy if a student is found playing with it during class hours. These toys are very distracting and stop students from concentrating on lessons during lectures, the teachers said.


The confiscated toys have been handed back to schoolchildren after school hours with a warning not to repeat the practice.

And even after many warning if students fail to obey the instructions of teachers after repeated warnings, the toy, in many instances, has been tossed into the trash bin as a punishment.

“Almost every student in my class has a fidget spinner. Some have two and most of them bring it to school, a fifth grade student of a primary school in Al Aziziya told The Peninsula.

“Two days ago, my classmate was playing with it during class. The teacher warned her to put it back in the bag, but she ignored the instruction. The furious teacher snatched it from her and put in the garbage bin, said the student.

According to traders, the fidget spinner arrived in the local markets some weeks ago and reached the hands of children, youngsters and even the adults very fast.

The toy is available at almost every neighbourhood store, supermarket and shopping complex at QR12 to QR30 depending on the make and material used.


A trader has said that the demand is the reason why they have increased the price of this toy “We started selling fidget spinner by the end of last month, a salesman of supermarket in Al Murra told The Peninsula. “In the beginning, the demand for the toys was very high. We sold upto 100 toys in a day at the rate of QR18 per piece, but gradually the sale has declined so we brought down the price to QR12,” said the salesman.

“Fidget spinner emerged very fast in my school, said a teacher. “One day there were a few, and the next day there were more, and the next day everyone had them. They just appeared really fast.”