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These Are The 5 Early Signs Of Having Colon Cancer! If You Are Experiencing This, Better Get Yourself Checked!


Colon cancer is the third most common cancer in both males and females in the U.S. It is characterized by a malignant tumor that grows in the inner wall of the large intestine (rectum or colon)


The cancer is often described as a ‘silent killer’ because sometimes there may be no signs that it’s present until towards the final stages. Nevertheless, there a few symptoms you can look out for if indeed you suspect that cancer might be affecting your insides.


Here are some early signs of colon cancer you can look out for:


1) Stomach cramps

Constant cramping may be a sign that cancer cells have begun to form in your colon.



2) Irregular Bowel Movements

Pay attention to the frequency, consistency and appearance of your bowel movements.



3) Sudden weight loss

One of the symptoms you have to look out for is the sudden change or drop in your weight. When this occurs then immediately consult a doctor.


4) Fatigue

If you’re getting enough sleep and have a healthy diet but still feel tired on a daily basis, then consult your doctor. Cancer cells can sap your energy and cause blood loss.



5) Blood in stool

Often the appearance of blood in stool, or having oddly colored feces could be a sign of cancer.



How to keep yourself safe from colon cancer?

1) Eat fruits, vegetables and grains to regularly to improve digestive system

2) Exercise regularly

3) Maintain healthy weight

4) Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol