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Things To Be Vary Of During The Holy Month Of Ramadan


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With the holy month of Ramadan approaching the expatriates are required to keep certain things in mind which must be followed during the course of the month.

Greeting Muslim colleagues and friends with ‘Ramadan Kareem’ meaning a generous Ramadan, is one of the basic thing an expat must develop.

Working hours: The holy month will see a decrease in the working hours with the government offices operating for five hours and the private will stay for six hours a day. The hospitals and emergency services will operate as usual.

Eating and drinking: Eating, drinking, smoking and chewing in public is strictly prohibited. Most of the companies assign separate closed rooms or separate places for non-fasting employees.

Shopping and business hours: The operating hours of shops, banks and malls change during the month and it is necessary to check the same before going out.

Dining out: Most of the restaurants remain close until sunset, however, few restaurants offer home deliveries and serve food in closed designated areas for the non- fasting guests.

Clothes and Behaviour: Traditional outfits and being culturally sensitive is necessary, people must avoid wearing tight outfits and revealing outfits. Playing loud music should be avoided.

Traffic and road safety: Roads get busier as the day approaches sunset as people will come out for prayers.